About Us

"I started my business in July 1994 for two special reasons. First I have been wearing wigs since 1967 and second I wanted to give back to women what they want most, beautiful hair. I am still wearing a wig every day and I think my customers appreciate the fact that I wear my product that I sell. Every employee has to wear either a wig or hair piece when working here so they can help our customers with their purchase that way they know how they should look and feel.
When I started wearing wigs there were no special place to go to try them on, have them fitted to my head and be custom cut. It was hard not knowing how to make a wig look like your own hair instead of having something flopped on top of your head with no help. I learned a lot about wigs, fiber, construction and wear. I try to pass this knowledge unto my customers so when they leave the shop they feel like they understand the in's and out's of wearing a wig.

I was the only employee when I started my business working 6 days a week and as my business increased I was able to hire one person to work one day a week along with me. Then as it started to grow more I was able to give my new employee 2 days a week, now after 22 years of business I have 5 employees and am able to cut back on my days. It has been a learning experience to start my own business and to see it grow and become one of the largest wig shops in Idaho let alone the Northwest. We do not do internet sales, we like working with our customers to give them the full service they deserve.
"Through the years I have helped with every type of hair loss. I have seen automobile accident victims that had been scalped by a windshield, hair pulled out from a go-cart, burn victims and of course female pattern baldness. There has been an increase in cancer patients and also a change in the age affecting women with hair loss. The age of alopecia areata affects every age from 2 to 80 and it is always a wonderful feeling to give back to a young child her hair that she can stand in front of a mirror and brush with a smile on her face. 0
With every business there are up's and down's with working with the public but all I can say is that working with my customers has always been a pleasure and to see the smiles on their faces when they leave is more rewarding than words can say."
Kathy of Kathy's Wig Boutique | Boise, ID

Colors & Styles:

We always stock a huge variety of colors and styles.

Types of wigs:

Machine-made wefted-cap construction
Hand-tied cap contsructon
Monofilament construction
Lace front construction

Sizes Available:

Whether your head requries a Small (Petite), Average, or Large wig cap size, we'll make sure you receive the proper comfort and fit.

Custom Fitting:

All head shapes are different, and some customers require a special non-stock size or shape. At Kathy's, our professional staff will alter and custom-fit your new wig at no additional charge.

Wig Repairs:

Has your wig been damaged by heat or has the cap been stretched? We can repair most damaged wigs.

Personal Service takes on a whole new meaning at Kathy's Wig Boutique