Hats and Turbans to Enhance Your Natural Beauty



These lovely headscarves are light and elegant, their designs are classy and elegant and fit for an occasion!
Chemo Beanies | Boise, ID | Kathy's Wig Boutique

Chemo Beanies

Made by two Breast cancer survivor sisters these turbans were design to be soft comfortable and simulate the feeling of hair around your neck. You look beautiful and feel so confident and comfortable in these beanies!!


We have several different styles and colors of turbans to choose from.
Blue Swim Caps | Boise, ID | Kathy's Wig Boutique

Beau Beau Swim Caps

Feel secure and fashionable whether you are swimming, hitting the waterpark or just be lazy on the beach. These swim caps are the best there is lots of different patterns to choose from and a detachable flower headband.
Baseball Cap attached to long or short hair Wigs | Boise, ID | Kathy's Wig Boutique

Hat Hair

Baseball cap with hair attached for the instant out the door look. Comes in three styles, CURLY, SHORT AND LONG hair. No worries that something may show, complete coverage.